Welcome to Raffle Bot

Raffle bot is a website streamers can use to bring viewers into their game with ease and fairness using a link or code.


  • Don't have to worry about creating their own fair way to get all viewers ingame with them.
  • Create a raffle using a link that all raffle winners will be sent to, or just a code that can be used for games without an invite link.
  • Choose how many raffle winners there will be.
  • Choose timings for all stages of the raffle from viewers clicking in to winning and clicking out.
  • Set restrictions or bonuses for viewers who are subscribed, donating, following, or anonymous.
  • Afer sending the link to viewers see how many tickets each has while watching them click in.
  • Each streamer has their own database so other streamers won't conflict them.


  • Click the raffle links hoping to join games with streamers.
  • Can see their tickets and how many they gain.
  • Can see all the results of the raffle when it is over to gauge how close they got to winning.
  • Don't have to wait very long to get ingame with their favorite streamers if they have slow connection

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